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Quipu: Ancient Writing System Utilized By The Incas

Quipu: Ancient Writing System Utilized By The Incas

The bike taxi motorist had my quantity instantly. Each time we stepped away from my resort in Mancora, there I was being offered by him a trip. It took much much longer he was doing with the colorful cords tied to the handlebars of his machine for me to figure out what. He knotted one cable whenever we paid him. Another cable was unraveling every time.

It absolutely was a type of dual entry accounting; he tied one knot to record payments. One other cable recorded their costs; a knot ended up being untied for every single tank of gas he bought. It absolutely was a beneficial system with this types of commerce because there’s no paper to blow away when you look at the open atmosphere.

It really is system of recording transactions that times right right right back through the period of the Incas.

The Incas never developed a written language. Nevertheless, their system of record maintaining called Quipu is unique in human history. Inca recorded records with knotted string. Quipu means knot in Quechua, the language for the Incas.

Various colored twine had split definitions. A residential area warehouse that stored corn, potatoes, bales of wool, as well as other commodities would designate a various color for each commodity. Specific strands were tied up to a base sequence, linking subdivisions of products in rational association.

The Inca didn’t invent Quipu; it absolutely was employed by early in the day cultures that are andean. Continue reading Quipu: Ancient Writing System Utilized By The Incas